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Nurs is a signed artist on Hexx 9 Records in NYC. Hexx 9 released her six track EP ‘Schism’ in June. Schism and her self-published EP called NursxNurs are available on all digital and streaming platforms. The unique sound is best described as post industrial techno
with spoken-word voice and lyrics.

Nurs is part of the Moscow-based Beryllium Project, which outputs a monthly compilation EP. In that capacity, she has worked with Oxen Vex and Opteron. Opteron has featured her vocals via the Industrial Techno United label.

Nurs has collaborated with artists from Instinkt Records in France, including Paul Mork, and has appeared on tracks published by their label. She has also contributed DJ mixes
for EDM podcasts in and around Europe.

There is a Chilean producer with an online following, who maintains a few netlabels (such as Cian Orbe Netlabel). She has different aliases: Mist Spectra, Humanfobia, Filmy Ghost and Yaka Anima. Nurs has worked with this producer several times. In March, they collaborated on a free album titled Dark Confessions.
June 2018: Debut EP 'Schism'
Hexx 9 Records in NYC, Six tracks
Spoken word + harsh drums, distorted vocals
Abrasive Techno with Witch House loops
Self-produced concept album for digital stores
Effective + unique 'album in a song' format
with six seamless sequences / drum patters,
+ six punchy vocal poems with intro, outro
2018: 'Exprired' EP: Moody Witch House sound
via Witch Spectra Netlabel in Chile
Longer play times with slower builds
Includes atmospheric remix by Filmy Ghost
On-going Beryllium Project collaboration
Hard techno collective based in Moscow RU
Contributed six tracks w vocals to date for
VA compilations, hard-style, noise + speedcore
The list of music collaborators keeps growing. This is a playlist. If interested, some royalty free clips are posted at Freesound.org (lk). Otherwise, please contact for inquiry!
Nurs has contributed DJ mixes to several podcasts. These show an expansive taste in music as well as influence and inspiration. Different flavors of darkness and genres.
Voice and Lyrics. Spoken word poetry is where she stands out. Here is a set focused on vocal readings with little to no distraction. Walk into the Lyricists Lounge and lounge.
Available for Live Streaming and Voice Projects!

My real name is Dia. Nice to meet you! I'm available for voice acting, paid erotic chat (if tthat's your thing) or creative team / other work. Please email me at dia@vivaldi.net. Thanks!!!

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